Intellectual property assets: More than money matters

Hopefully by now, Naples readers understand the value of intellectual property assets. But patents, trademarks and copyrights matter more than just economically. We have found two recent stories that do an excellent job of illustrating why it is important to respect a company’s intellectual property and what happens if other businesses disregard those legal […]

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FBI gets serious about state-sponsored trade secret theft

If you’re under the impression that intellectual property is a rather…dry area, the FBI’s most recent public-relations initiative might change your mind.

The FBI believes that state-sponsored theft of trade secrets from American companies has gotten so out of control that it has become a national security concern; when jobs are as scarce as they […]

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Maker’s Marks swats tequila maker over trademark-infringing wax seal

When you see a bottle of liquor with a bright red wax seal on it, what is the first phrase that comes into your head?

Beam Inc. hopes that most Florida residents would respond, “Maker’s Mark,” because since its establishment in 1958, the company has invested serious money in marketing its Marker’s Mark bourbon chiefly […]

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Famous authors have different opinions on fan fiction and copyrights

Having flocks of devoted readers is probably one of the greatest compliments an author could ever hope to receive. After all, there is no better proof that people love an author’s work than if millions of them buy it and read it.

But what if these hordes of enthusiastic readers take an author’s characters and […]

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