AOL sells patent portfolio to Microsoft for $1.1 billion

South Florida readers may remember that a month or two ago, we wrote about how the struggling Eastman Kodak Co. was trying to sell off its patent portfolio to raise some much-needed cash. That may be a move that will become more common thanks to two factors: first, companies continue to struggle in our […]

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It’s Chick-fil-A v. Kale in trademark tussle

For what was intended to be a lighthearted and humorous campaign, Chik-fil-A’s “Eat mor chikin” slogan is stirring up quite a bit of trouble.

Naples residents might have seen the advertisements for the chicken-centric fast food joint. Usually, they depict cows or pigs writing the slogan “eat mor chikin,” with the joke being that they […]

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‘Trademark squatting’: The bane of U.S. intellectual property holders

In a recent post, we told south Florida readers about how Yahoo had been accused of “weaponizing” patents. Weaponizing is not the only controversial trend developing in intellectual property today. Another such trend is what is being called “trademark squatting.”

Trademark squatting refers to the practice by which foreign companies register the names, slogans and […]

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Florida biotechnology firm wins important patent

Biotechnology is big business here in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to many firms that are making significant and noteworthy progress against some of the most debilitating diseases known to science.

Biotechnology firms want to make sure they benefit economically from their research and development, so naturally they seek to patent their breakthroughs. If […]

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Florida medical device maker: British firm is infringing on our patents

A Davie medical device manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against one of its chief rivals, a British firm in the same field, alleging that the company has infringed on its patents.

Mako Surgical Corp. makes a surgical robot that is used in hip and knee replacement surgeries. In its lawsuit against Stanmore Implants Worldwide, it […]

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Are Yahoo and other tech companies improperly ‘weaponizing’ patents?

We have told Naples readers before about high-tech companies battling it out over patents and accusing each other of infringing on the all-important technology that distinguishes their products and services from those of their competitors. That story is nothing new.

What are new, however, are recent allegations about “weaponizing” patents. Saying someone is “weaponizing” a […]

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Study: Internet piracy can cost movie studios up to 10 percent of annual revenue

We are sure there are a few Florida residents who have illegally downloaded a movie or two. “What’s the harm?” the thinking goes. “Movie studios make millions. This will not affect them at all.”
Au contraire, according to a recent study.

“Gone in 60 Seconds: The Impact of the Megaupload Shutdown on Movie Sales” is the […]

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Florida wildcat sanctuary wins $1M in trademark infringement case

An Oklahoma man who goes by the stage name “Joe Exotic” has been ordered to pay a Florida animal sanctuary $1 million because the various logos and images he uses to promote himself and his wild animal tourist attraction infringe on the sanctuary’s trademarks.

The man, whose birth name is Joe Schreibvogel, runs a wild […]

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Copyright Alert System: A game-changer for technology, entertainment fields?

This week, a “Copyright Alert System” orchestrated by the five biggest Internet service providers in the U.S. goes into effect.

While we are all in favor, of course, of strong measures to protect intellectual property assets, we also understand that no system is perfect. We thought it might interesting to walk through what we know […]

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Florida’s State University System generates most patents in state

If you had to guess which entity in Florida generates the most patents, which would you choose?

Maybe Disney, or perhaps Florida’s prosperous citrus industry? What about one of our top-notch health systems?

Those are good guesses, but the answer is actually Florida’s State University System. In the past five years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark […]

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