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Leading Intellectual Property Lawyers in Fort Myers

If you want to protect your ideas and inventions from theft, you need help from a licensed and experienced patent and intellectual property lawyer. Our intellectual property attorneys are here to assist you if you need to protect your trade secrets, register a patent, or apply for a copyright. In addition to handling procuring patents, trademark registrations, copyright registrations to protect our clients’ intellectual property in Fort Myers, we also enforce and defend patent, trademark and copyright infringement cases. Contact us to schedule a face to face consultation and see why we are considered  one of the leading intellectual property attorney law firms in Florida.

What is Intellectual Property?

Many people are familiar with the term intellectual property. However, only a few of them actually understand its meaning. Intellectual property can refer to inventions and creations of the mind that legally belong either to an individual or a company. Intellectual property law regulates the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights of these creations of the mind that can range from inventions and products to designs, specific methods and artistic works. Intellectual property can be legally protected even if it’s an intangible asset. Intellectual property lawyers maintain and protect the rights of the creators. The patent attorneys at our firm have a broad knowledge in all areas of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing and franchising.


If you create an original work, especially of software, literary, musical, or artistic nature, you can ensure the right to use, alter, or distribute that work is exclusively yours. When applying for a copyright registration, it is important that experienced lawyers help you through the process.

Trademark and Trade Secrets


A trademark can consist of a phrase, symbol, or particular image that represents a product, service, or a brand. The name and/or logo is usually considered a unique mark that differentiates one product or business from another. A trademark can be registered or unregistered. Trademark is used to describe a product, and service mark is used to describe services of a specified company.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is a distinct type of intellectual property law that protects certain information and processes that give one business an advantage over their competitors in the market. Trade secrets are usually protected through the use of non-disclosure agreenemts. These contracts ensure that trade secrets of one company cannot be shared with another individual or business.


Patents are used to protect the rights of the inventor to an invention of the mind. Like copyrights, patents also last for a specific period. A utility patent lasts twenty years from the date of filing provided maintenance fees are paid.  Design patents last fifteen years from the date of issuance.  A patent protects the inventor from infringement and prevents other individuals or companies from making and/or profiting from the inventor’s work.

If you need to protect your idea or have an intellectual property issue, you should consider speaking with one of our knowledgeable intellectual property and patent attorneys today.