Manufacturing, Marketing, and/or Licensing Your Invention

Manufacturing, Marketing, and/or Licensing Your Invention 2013-04-29T18:53:39+00:00

Getting Started with Your Invention

If you are an inventor who needs guidance with prototyping, manufacturing, and/or marketing your invention, the law firm of Livingston Loeffler can help. Our patent attorneys have significant experience assisting inventors throughout all stages of the invention process. Over the years, we have seen many of our inventor clients achieve great commercial success by effectively manufacturing and marketing their products. We not only assist clients in obtaining patent protection for their inventions, we also assist clients in taking their inventions to market. Contact a patent attorney from our law firm today to learn more about our services.

Nondisclosure Agreements

Before disclosing sensitive information regarding an invention or other trade secret to a third party, it is always important to have that third party sign a nondisclosure agreement. Many individuals do not know that inventions are also trade secrets and should be maintained and protected as such until the invention is made public. Nondisclosure agreements not only protect an invention as a trade secret but also maintain an inventor’s patent rights prior to a patent application being filed. Before disclosing your ideas or inventions to anyone, make sure you visit with an experienced intellectual property attorney to discuss the importance of nondisclosure agreements and have him or her prepare a nondisclosure agreement for you to use with potential investors, manufacturers and so forth.

Choosing a Manufacturer

Before you start marketing and selling your invention, you will need to choose a manufacturer. Livingston Loeffler can help you choose a reputable manufacturer and make sure that your invention is protected throughout the manufacturing process. We not only help you protect your inventions, but also can assist with reviewing contracts between you and potential manufacturers, distributors, and so forth.

How to Market and Promote Your Invention

There are unlimited options for marketing your invention, and it is up to you to determine how successful your invention will be. The Livingston firm  is here to guide you throughout the entire process and provide our services and helpful advice along the way:

  • Become an expert in explaining the value of your product. Nobody knows your product better than you, and nobody is better equipped to make a sales pitch for your product.
  • Know where to go to promote your invention. First-time inventors may not be aware of the many venues through which to promote an invention. Research industry-specific trade shows both nationally and internationally.
  • Create effective marketing materials and packaging. Don’t rely completely on an effective sales pitch. Be prepared with effective marketing materials containing your contact information to distribute to others. Besides having a website, consider creating brochures, business cards and product information materials. Make sure your packaging is eye-catching and user-friendly.

Submitting Your Invention for Licensing

  • Are you an inventor with a great idea you want to develop and take to market?
  • Are financial limitations or time constraints holding you back?

The process of developing, manufacturing, and marketing an invention on your own can be very costly. However, do not let finances, time constraints, or any other deterrent hold you back from taking your invention to market.

Livingston Loeffler can assist you with finding companies who may want to license your patent or pending patent application and take over the manufacturing and marketing of your invention in return for paying you a royalty. Contact a patent attorney at Livingston Loeffler to learn more.

The Submission Process: Profiting From Your Invention

Livingston Loeffler can assist you with submitting your invention to companies on a confidential basis. As a part of the submission process, we research various companies in the field of technology your invention is in and submit your invention to those companies.

We are skilled at discreetly relaying information about inventions to third parties while still protecting your invention as a trade secret. When a manufacturer responds with interest, we prepare a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your idea is protected.

If a company expresses interest in licensing your patent or pending patent application we will negotiate the terms of a license agreement and prepare the license agreement and prepare the license agreement on your behalf.

Contact a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney

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