Trademark Law In Miami

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When your company designs a trademark, it represents both an investment and your business’ public identity. A trademark image can quickly become the recognized symbol for your business. A well-known trademark helps draw consumers and clients to what your company offers. It creates a brand image that can help advertise to new customers or clients. For many people, a trademark becomes the visual representation of your business, which is why having one that is unique and engaging can help your business grow.

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Generally, there is also some expense involved in creating a trademark. Whether it’s the expense of hiring a graphic designer to create a unique visual logo or creating a large physical sign for your building, a trademark generally requires investment. However, the benefit of a trademark can be massive. It allows consumers and clients to readily recognize products or services provided by your company. A trademark helps set your company apart from your competitors and can help develop prestige for your brand. That’s why trademark enforcement is so important to your business.


Trademark Law Protects Your Brand In Miami from Being Damaged

If another company is using your trademark without your permission, there can be a wide range of issues. Perhaps your products or services are only available at certain businesses. When you authorize a company to carry your products or offer something from your brand, you may also authorize them to include your trademark in print or online advertisements. This, in turn, can help protect your company from fallout due to poor decisions or business practices by another company.

If a company engages in bad practices that put consumers at risk or makes poor decisions with social media, the backlash can be immediate. Your company could end up with a damaged reputation because of an outside company’s use of your trademark to advertise. When that happens, ¬†you will need the help of an experienced trademark law firm, like Livingston & Loeffler. Your attorney can serve the offending company with a cease and desist letter, requiring the removal of your trademark from digital and print media. Once you do that, you can release a statement to control any damage to your business.


Trademark Law Also Protects Consumers

There are many questionable companies out there that would love to sell subpar products to consumers for premium prices. One of the easiest ways to get consumers to buy a product is to use trademarked images to confuse them into thinking it’s a trusted brand or product. The better your company’s reputation and brand awareness, the more likely that unscrupulous companies will see it as an opportunity for profit. If consumers approach you with complaints about bad products or services obtained with your trademark, have used trade secrets, or infringed upon your patent, your company needs to do a thorough investigation.

If fraudulent service providers or counterfeit products are being made available to the public, you need to know. That way, you can warn your consumer base and take legal action to enforce your trademark. Your company may have spent years building up consumer trust and a positive reputation. It may only take trademark violators a few months to do irreparable damage to your brand unless you take legal action.


You Need Experienced Attorneys In Florida When It Comes to Trademark Law

When you create and then apply for recognition of your trademark, you do it to protect and grow your brand. Trademark registration protects your business logo and other trademarked images from use by others for profit. You may decide who uses your trademark for advertising by limiting who is authorized to do so. You may also take legal action against companies or retailers who violate your trademark protection. In the case of trademark counterfeit, both the company that created the counterfeit items and the retailers who sold them may be legally liable.

In cases where your trademark is being used without your permission or against your expressed wishes, you have options if you work with an experienced trademark law firm. The simplest solution is that you may contact the company in violation of your trademark to ask them to stop. Anything needed beyond that will definitely require the expertise and advocacy of an experienced trademark lawyer.

You’ve spent years and invested a lot of capital in creating a recognizable trademark. You deserve to have your intellectual property and brand protected against those who would use it to their advantage. From the process of applying for trademark registration to actively enforcing a trademark against infringement, Livingston & Loeffler, with offices in Miami, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples can help your company with all its trademark law issues.