Singer Jessie J accused of infringing on another songwriter’s copyright

Naples readers have probably heard the song “Domino” by Jessie J. (In case you haven’t, you can listen to it here.) But they probably have not heard the song “Bright Red Cords” by Loomis and the Lusts.

But that latter song is the basis for a copyright infringement claim against Jessie J, for whom “Domino” […]

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Louis Vuitton loses “Hangover 2” copyright infringement case

Does Louis Vuitton have no sense of humor?

That could be the case, or it might just be that the French luxury goods maker understands how crucial it is for a company to protect its intellectual property assets.

Naples readers who saw “The Hangover 2” might remember a joke when two of the film’s characters are […]

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One down, many to go: Copyright suit regarding Google Books wraps up

We live in an era where information is so omnipresent that we aren’t used to barriers to its access. Think about it — anyone in Naples who wants to know more about, say, Marie Curie just has to type her name into a search engine to find out more about her.

But the expectation that […]

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RE/MAX sues Daytona Beach company over alleged trademark infringment

A Daytona company is being pressured by real estate giant RE/MAX to abandon its customer-facing promotions that use the colors red, white and blue.

Those are very popular colors, of course, and although RE/MAX has no claim to the colors themselves, it believes the way Daytona Property Management is using them violates its trademark.

A trademark, […]

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