Founder of bikram yoga claims he copyrighted the exercise form, but did he?

South Florida was one of the first places bikram yoga ever took off. In fact, one of the first bikram studios in the country opened in Miami in 1985, and now there are plenty of fans of this form of exercise in Naples, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres as well.

Interestingly enough, bikram yoga is […]

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Obama reelection advertisement yanked over possible copyright issue


Recently, a super PAC that supports President Barack Obama’s reelection bid had to pull an advertisement that featured footage from the 2002 Olympics Games in Salt Lake City. The reason? The International Olympic Committee claimed use of the footage constituted copyright infringement.

Some people in Naples might have heard of the super PAC, called Priorities […]

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70 websites seized by feds for suspected copyright, trademark infringement

It’s a little hard to feel too much sympathy for anyone in Naples who pays $20 for a “genuine Rolex” and later finds out it isn’t real. After all, where’s the common sense in that? But what about someone who goes to a website that for all intents and purposes looks like a legitimate […]

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Photographer’s copyright claim challenges media aggregator business model

Creative professional in Florida cannot afford to ignore the Internet. It’s the Yellow Pages of the 21st century, the best way an aspiring artist, writer, model or singer can get exposure and drum up new business.

But the Internet is also fraught with dangers, some of which may take the assistance of a lawyer to […]

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