Man who illegally downloaded music must pay $675,000 for copyright infringement

It has been a few years since Florida readers heard about people getting sued after illegally downloaded music via services like Limewire and Napster, but that doesn’t mean those disputes are over.

Recently, a 25-year-old man was ordered to pay $675,000 to the Recording Industry Association of America for illegally downloading and distributing 31 songs back […]

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Pizza Hut, Home Depot deny violating The Black Keys’ copyrights

When members of the musical group The Black Keys saw a recent ad for Pizza Hut, it did not make them want to buy the chain’s Pizza Bites. Instead, it made them think the company was infringing on the band’s single “Gold on the Ceiling.”

They had the same thought when they saw a Home […]

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Is Dutch company’s suit against Spotify a case of “patent squatting”?

Lots of people in Florida have fallen in love with streaming music service Spotify. However, Dutch competitor Nonend isn’t one of them.

Nonend recently sued Spotify, alleging that Spotify is infringing on the 40 patents Nonend holds that protect its peer-to-peer search, streaming and playback techniques.

What’s interesting is that it is unclear what Nonend, a […]

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EA, maker of “Sims” games, sues Zynga over alleged copyright infringement

Electronic Arts, the maker of the popular Sims line of video and computer games, has sued Zynga, the software firm that supplies Naples smartphone users with Draw Something and other popular games.

Essentially, Electronic Arts is claiming that Zynga’s Facebook-based game “The Ville” is a facsimile of its own game “The Sims Social.”

While video games […]

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Ryan Lochte hasn’t trademarked “Jeah”…yet

By now, many Olympics viewers have become enamored with Ryan Lochte. He’s the laid-back Florida swimmer who’s only laid-back in the pool when he’s doing the backstroke; as of Wednesday, he’s won a gold and a silver medal in London and has many Americans hoping he will win many more. (Michael Phelps? Who’s that?)
One […]

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