U.S. PTO turns to crowdsourcing to speed up patent application process

“Crowdsourcing” is probably a popular term in many Florida offices these days. Generally speaking, it refers to the approach of taking a task or a problem to a wide pool of people, sometimes even the public at large, and seeing who can come up with the best and most effective way to complete the […]

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In trade secrets case, harshest penalty in recent memory dispensed

Trade secrets are one aspect of intellectual property law that even entrepreneurs and investors in Naples may not have heard too much about. They simply aren’t talked about as much as patents, copyrights and trademarks are.

However, trade secrets are big business.

To put it very generally, any information that a business uses that gets some […]

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This time, Apple’s intellectual property complaint is aimed at Polish grocery store

So, everyone in Naples has probably already heard about Apple winning a big $1 billion damage award in its patent-infringement suit against Samsung. That’s yesterday’s news.

But what they may not have heard about is that Apple now has another company in its crosshairs — a Polish grocery store chain that operates a website called […]

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Florida inventor challenges America Invents Act

Sometimes, inventors get frustrated with the system by which the federal government grants patents. It takes a very long time, for one thing, and if a patent is rejected, it is not always abundantly clear why patent officers did not accept it. Sometimes the help of an attorney can make the whole affair go […]

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