Supreme Court to hear case on First Sale Doctrine of copyright

Have you ever heard of the First Sale Doctrine? It’s the name for the legal doctrine that holds that a copyright holder cannot dictate what happens to his or her expression of a work after he or she sells it. In other words, once a Florida resident buys a book, he or she can […]

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New Line to ‘Age of the Hobbits’ studio: ‘Hands off our trademarks’

It’s safe to assume that lots of Florida film fans are eagerly anticipating the December release of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” Jackson also directed the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which became one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful film franchises in the modern era.

Now, it seems like a much smaller studio […]

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Florida gets Department of Justice grant to fight intellectual property crimes

Florida was among the 13 states that received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to help fight intellectual property-related crime, it was announced on Oc. 3. All together, the states are sharing a $2.4 million pot of funds.

Intellectual property-related crime includes things such as selling counterfeit goods. Because Miami is such a […]

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DC Comics sues two Florida barbershops over “Superman” name

Two Florida barbershops have been sued by DC Comics over their use of the name “Superman.”

DC Comics owns the rights to the character “Superman,” whom we all know as The Man of Steel who wears a red-and-blue costume, has superpowers and loves Lois Lane. DC Comics makes millions every year from sales of Superman-related […]

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