Follow Legal Zoom’s Example

Follow Legal Zoom’s Example

Legal Zoom touts its trademark services in its many radio, TV and print advertisements but who does Legal Zoom rely on for handling its own trademarks? The answer is experienced trademark attorneys. That’s right, Legal Zoom uses professionals to handle its trademarks. The same is true for Legal Zoom’s newest George Foreman. Why wouldn’t Legal Zoom and George foreman handle their own trademarks?

Is Legal Zoom Really Saving You Money?

In fact, those in the know scratch their heads as to why anyone would use Legal Zoom’s services in the first place. It is understandable that inventors and entrepreneurs have to work on a shoestring budget in the beginning. However, Legal Zoom is not saving you any money.

Do-it-yourselfers think they are receiving upfront savings by using Legal Zoom but in fact Legal Zoom is only a filing service that adds its own unnecessary fees onto governmental filing fees. Despite anyone alluding otherwise, when you use Legal Zoom you are in fact “doing it yourself.” There is no oversight and the mistakes made in an application are your own to live with because Legal Zoom simply takes the information you enter into the required and fields and files your application after taking its cut of course. You do not need Legal Zoom to do this. If you are going to do it yourself, you are better off going directly to the source and bypassing Legal Zoom altogether. You can file a trademark application directly with the USPTO using its online forms. The same holds true for provisional patent applications. You can file your copyright application directly with the Library of Congress and your corporation or LLC with your state all online. Legal Zoom is completely unnecessary for the do it yourselfer. But do you really want to do it yourself or rely on the expertise of experienced patent and intellectual property attorneys.

More to Trademarks Than Filling in The Blanks

It is a rarity that we see a trademark or other filings done correctly by a non-intellectual property attorney. There is a misconception, largely created by Legal Zoom, that trademark applications are as simple as just filling in the blanks. Nothing could be further from the truth and this misconception leads to errors that deem your trademark application to be unallowable or invalid. These errors results in a loss of intellectual property rights which can be catastrophic to a business. Correcting do-it-yourself errors always costs more than having an intellectual property attorney do it right the first time.

Call Us To Protect Your Business

Intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of a business. Legal Zoom knows this and that is why they leave it to experienced patent and intellectual property attorneys and that is why you should too.

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