Maintaining Intellectual Property

The popularity of IKEA has grown in recent years, especially in Florida with new stores in Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. While IKEA may be experts in the business of maintaining very popular furniture stores around the world, like most companies they find it difficult to maintain their intellectual property rights without the help of professionals.

Unfortunate Over Site Costs Trademark Rights
According to a recent article reported on by Sarasota ABC7, IKEA recently lost its trademark rights in Indonesia. It may seem unusual that a large multinational company like IKEA could allow this to happen but in reality this happens more often than you think both abroad and here in the U.S. Large and small companies and individuals commonly lose their trademark and patent rights for simply failing to file renewals and/or pay required governmental renewal fees and maintenance fees. This can mean a shortened term for the life of a patent (which is normally twenty years from the date of filing) or loss of a trademark (which can be good in perpetuity). A loss of a trademark registration and/or patent can be financially devastating, so how can it be allowed to happen?

Difficult But Essential
Simply put, the deadlines for maintaining a patent and trademark are spread years apart and can be difficult for the trademark or patent owner to calculate, calendar and keep track of. Many owners are never even advised of such requirements and, due to a lack of resources to do so and/or the amount of liability involved, many law firms simply do not take on the responsibility of calendaring and reminding their clients of theses deadlines.

Attorneys That Accept Responsibility
However, the patent attorneys at Livingston Law know how important maintaining an intellectual property portfolio is and the losses that a client will incur through the loss of a trademark or patent. Therefore, the attorneys at Livingston Law calendar our clients’ deadlines and send them reminders to ensure that no deadlines go missed. This is part of our law firm’s full service approach to obtaining, maintaining and enforcing all of our client’s intellectual property so that our clients can fully maximize the potential and profits of their patents and trademarks. Contact us today to ensure that your intellectual property remains intact!